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Bio-Age Reset

Bio-Age Reset

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A growing body of research indicates that toxin exposures accelerate biological aging, contributing to age-related declines in health. The Bio-Age Reset protocol is designed to support your body’s detoxification pathways, reduce your body’s burden of toxins, and set the stage for resilient health and graceful aging. This protocol can be administered as a stand-alone program or utilized in conjunction with our other Bio-Age Reversal protocols.

We’ve chosen four core reset products with additional product considerations based on patient needs.


This 28-day protocol includes:

  • 2 Boxes – PushCatch® Liver Detox, which includes:
    • 2 bottles of Liver Sauce
    • 2 boxes Ultra Binder® Stick Packs
  • 2 bottles – Glutathione Complex
  • 2 bottles – Cat’s Claw Elite

Liver Sauce – Liver Sauce is a premier liver formula that supports bile flow and the Nrf2 biochemical pathway to aid cellular detoxification and liver health. It also supports anxioxidant activity while balancing a healthy inflammatory response system-wide. Ingredients include dandelion, gentian, solidago, myrrh, DIM, milk thistle, quercetin, and luteolin.


Ultra Binder® Stick Packs – Ultra Binder contains a spectrum of binding agents, including zeolite, bentonite clay, activated charcoal, chitosan, and our proprietary IMD® Intestinal Cleanse. Together, these agents “mop up” toxins excreted in the gut, preventing them from being recirculated throughout the body.


Glutathione Complex – Glutathione Complex provides an array of foundational nutrients necessary for detoxification and cellular energy production, a critical element of successful detox. Our complex includes glutathione for potent antioxidant activity, B complex vitamins and TMG to critical cofactors and methylation support, and milk thistle to support healthy liver function.


Cat’s Claw Elite® – Our innovative formula helps modulates the immune system, facilitating the removal of lingering bugs from the body. The Amazonian herb Cat’s Claw aids immune defenses and supports a healthy microbial environment, while vitamin D3 and the fatty acid monolaurin assist with immune cell production and cellular protection, respectively. Spearmint, rose, and lemon balm essential oils impart our formula with a delicate, pleasant flavor.


To learn more about our comprehensive approach to defining and unlocking the keys to age optimization visit our Longevity Resource Pages. 


Biological Age Epigenetic Testing is available for purchase through TruDiagnostics.

  • Biological Age is the #1 Biomarker for Healthspan & Lifespan. This test helps patients objectively track their aging with an at-home sample collection kit, and a rapid laboratory turnaround for analyzing & delivering epigenetic reports.
  • The TruAge Collection delivers a multitude of aging metric analysis, including Telomere Length, Pace of Aging, Biological Age, insights into your immune system’s impact on aging, and much more.
  • With only a few drops of blood, learn about Biological Age, and specific health risks, and start creating a plan to optimize your future.
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