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Bladder/Kidney Meridian Roller

Bladder/Kidney Meridian Roller

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Bladder Meridian:

The Bladder meridian governs our anxiousness and restlessness over the present. Those who live too constantly in the future often find the physiological disturbances in this meridian are not long to follow. Negative emotions associated with the bladder meridian include fear, anxiety, dread, terror, panic, restlessness and frustration.

How to Use:

To help balance the emotions of the bladder meridian, play calming and or balancing frequencies such as solfeggio tone 528 hz while performing deep and intentional breathwork. Remember to focus on the exhalation more than the inhalation, as that is what in fact activates the parasympathetic response. Trace the bladder meridian with the respective Meridian roller ball three times. The bladder meridian starts at eye's inner corner, continues over the head, the back and legs, ultimately ending at the little toe.

Kidney Meridian:

The kidney meridian starts on the sole of your foot and continues up the inside of the leg and the abdomen, ending just below the clavicle. This meridian governs our emotional relationship with fear. Those who battle constant bombardment of fear, terror, or trauma stand to benefit tremendously from clearance and balancing of the kidney meridian. Negative emotions associated with the kidney meridian include anxiety, phobias, superstition, paranoia, cautiousness, carelessness and recklessness.

How to Use:

To help balance the emotions of the kidney meridian, begin with a daily prayer, meditation, and or actions enacting boundaries that protect your sense of inner power. Trace the kidney meridian with the respective Meridian rollerball either well partaking in the above and or directly after.

  • Organic Jojoba Oil
  • Cedarwood
  • Copaiba
  • Cassia
  • Ginger
  • Spruce
  • Cypress
  • Tea Tree
  • Vetiver

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