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Fulvic Acid

Fulvic Acid

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The most powerful natural electrolyte, Fulvic Acid restores electrical balance to damaged cells, neutralizes toxins and can eliminate food poisoning within minutes. When it encounters free radicals with unpaired positive or negative electrons, it supplies an equal and opposite charge to neutralize the free radical acting as a wide spectrum anti-microbial and fungicide. Treating rashes, skin irritations, insect and spider bites and neutralizes poison ivy and poison oak.

Fulvic Acid chelates monovalent and divalent elements to which it is exposed. Fulvic Acid has the power to form stable water-soluble complex structures with monovalent, divalent, trivalent, and polyvalent metal ions. It can aid the actual movement of metal ions that are normally difficult to mobilize or transport. Fulvic Acids are excellent natural chelators and positive ion exchangers and are vitally important in the nutrition of cells. Fulvic Acid has been discovered to be one of the most important natural miracles related to life itself.

Suggested Applications
  • Respiratory tract infections
  • Fatigue
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Preventing Hypoxia
  • Improve gut health
  • Boost digestion & nutrient absorption
  • Improved detox
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Skin conditions
  • Powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger
  • Anti-aging and rejuvenating
  • Anti-mutagenic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces lactic acid
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Increases body voltage
  • Transports nutrients into cells
  • Powerful natural electrolyte
  • Increases bioavailability of nutrients and minerals
  • Alkalizes and detoxifies blood
  • Regenerates and hydrates cells
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