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HYP Medix

HYP Medix

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HYP Hypothalamus - 30 ml

Regulates intercellular communication and support cellular & tissue regeneration of the Hypothalamus. Has the ability to render regulatory influence on the endocrine system.

Possible Applications:
Deep emotional issues, Hormone balance, autonomic nervous system, body temperature issues, adrenal & pituitary issues, salt & water balance, sleep issues, anorexia & bulimia imbalances, iron imbalances, growth issues, weight & appetite imbalances.

Adult Stem Cell Activators target the Hypothalamus Gland. Regulatory Protein-based Nanoparticles and Nanotechnology targets the gland, organ or tissue creating cellular communication for optimum glandular function. The damaged cells/tissues are replaced and removed from the body.

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