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Kidney Bladder Plus

Kidney Bladder Plus

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Kidney/Bladder impairment and dysfunction can be the cause behind an endless list of symptoms and ailments. Keeping your kidneys and bladder healthy helps EVERY organ in your body to work better. From getting more vitamins and oxygen to your brain to faster immune response. Keeping your kidneys healthy and strong is MANDATORY—not optional.

Kidneys are the Body’s Work Horse
Your kidneys are doing a lot more work than you think they are. Most people think their kidneys just help to filter their blood and create urine, but they actually do SO MUCH MORE.

- Your kidneys clean ALL of the blood in your body EVERY HOUR!
- Your kidneys balance your body’s fluid levels, stopping water retention, as well as dehydration.
- Hypertension is the #1 reason Americans die of heart attacks and strokes. Your kidneys regulate your blood pressure!
- Your kidneys are responsible for the assimilation of vitamins into your bloodstream.
- Your kidneys regulate and control the production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen to every cell in your body.

If you want to stay healthy, keeping your kidneys in good working condition is essential. Every organ in your body DEPENDS on your kidneys staying healthy and strong. In fact, all the cells in your body need nutrition brought IN and waste eliminated OUT, and they need your KIDNEYS to do this!
In Oriental Medicine, the kidneys are the Powerhouse of the body and support all the organs as they need support. Keeping these healthy is important for long term strength and health of the body.
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