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Biological aging is a natural progression where cellular processes and tissues begin to deteriorate over time resulting in age-related health declines.*

Longevity Phyto Caps is an anti-aging formula specifically designed to support healthy aging by facilitating better cellular function, clearance of damaged cells, and stimulation of longevity pathways. Each two-capsule serving provides a curcuminoid complex, quercetin, resveratrol, and trans pterostilbene in our highly bioavailable SEDS delivery technology for fast and efficient absorption of ingredients.*

    • Aids cellular longevity and function*
    • Supports a healthy inflammatory response*
    • Helps activate sirtuins – longevity genes that support DNA integrity and healthy cellular processes*
    • Supports autophagy and clearing of senescent “zombie” cells – old cell parts and dysfunctional cells*
    • An ally in mitochondrial biogenesis and the actions of NAD+*
    • Antioxidant support*
    • Helps in daily detoxification*
    • Offers fast and effective absorption of ingredients using our SEDS (self-emulsifying delivery system) technology*

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