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NuLung offers fast acting support for the health and restoration of the respiratory system by supporting your lungs with unparalleled nanoparticles that are cell ready nutrients. This formula contains a synergistic blend of herbs which nourish and support the entire respiratory system, detoxification, drainage and emotional support for the lungs. Utilizes a unique blend of nanoparticle nutrition - See the ingredients description tab to learn more about the benefits of each ingredient.

**We Use Nanoceuticals: NuLung is cell ready nutrition -Different from other products on the market we use nanoceutical nutrients that have been manufactured into nanoparticles (micronized) using nanotechnology, allowing for 100% absorption through the mucosa direct to your cells.  Products that are taken and pass thru the digestive system go through liver detoxification where 70% to 80% of what is taken will be destroyed. That is like pouring money down the drain! With our very unique delivery system using nano particles you get virtually 100% utilization direct to your cells. So no wasted product and the value you get for your money is more than tripled. Just a few sprays a couple of times a day direct into the mouth, it is that simple.  

The Benefits of Nanoceuticals
The dual nature of our body can make health and wellness elusive.  Two requirements must be met to be healthy.  Both biochemical and biophoton support. (food & instructions)

Biochemically we require nanosized physical nutrients.  Our cells use these nutrients for all biochemical processes and as tiny building blocks.  Every biochemical reaction is preceded by an electromagnetic signal, or biophoton.  Cells communicate and deliver information between each other via biophotons. They orchestrate trillions of chemical reactions that take place every second.  Without these biophotons the body would be an inanimate object.

Just as a contractor needs both building materials and a blue print to construct a house, your body needs nutrients, and proper instructions to be healthy.  KO Garden's Nanoceuticals contain both the needed nutrients in a special nanosized cell ready form and coherent information packed biophotons with instructions to help regulate proper cellular activities.

KO Garden's Nanoceuticals are used by those who want health and wellness.  Anything else is less than half a solution.  Support all of you, your whole self with the only biophoton infused nano nutrients available.
  • Cell Ready Nano Nutrients
    • 100% Bio Absorption
    • 100% Bio Availability
    • Cellular absorption within minutes
  • Biophotons
    • Cellular communications
    • Healthy biogenetic blueprint
    • Promotes proper DNA regulation
  • New technology
  • Fast results
  • No side effects
  • Super health
  • Works naturally with the body


NuLung supports the health of your lungs well into the future. Start NuLung today and breathe easier every day! 

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