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Sleep Assist

Sleep Assist

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SleepAssist uses *Nanoceuticals and offers a safe, non-habit forming, natural solution for healthy healing sleep. It is a unique formula that works with your body to help you fall asleep and stay asleep and supports that deep healing sleep you need. Proper sleep supports your body in heal itself at night*. It will not “knock you out” then leave you groggy the next day as many over the counter and other sleeping drugs do. SleepAssist gently eases you into a restorative, peaceful night’s rest.  Utilizes a unique blend of nanoparticle nutrition - See the ingredients description tab to learn more about the benefits of each ingredient

According to The National Institutes of Health, just losing an hour or two of sleep each night drastically impacts your productivity and ability to think properly. Believe it or not, just about every health problem you can imagine has a connection to poor sleep. SleepAssist gets you into a deep healing sleep cycle (REM Sleep) so you have the resources to do all the things that make living life exciting!  REM sleep is where your body heals and using drugs and over the counter products does not allow the body to reach that healing sleep. Start SleepAssist today, your body will thank you!

SleepAssist is the only supplement created to assist your body through all the necessary stages of healing sleep compared to OTC sleep aids and pharmaceutical drugs that do not allow you to reach all stages and thus you  miss the healing the body requires during the sleep cycle.

Your body’s prime directive is to be healthy and alive. Our bodies are designed to renew, heal and grow during our sleep. Your body can only do this if it is allowed to cycle through all the stages of sleep multiple times each night. Each stage of sleep is critical. If you miss one stage of the sleep cycle, you lose out on your body’s opportunity to rest, restore and heal. There is an accumulative effect of healing processes that take place from one stage of the sleep cycle to the next. Truly the secret to restoring your well-being is cycling completely through all the healing stages of sleep.
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